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The Hiphopscholar grew out of love. After many conversations, debates, and frustrations in regard to Hiphop culture,this site was born. As many people continue to debate, discuss, critique, and marvel at one of the most innovative cultural creations of the 20th century it's time for those of us, who hold Hiphop dear to speak for it, about it, and take some responsibility for where we want it to go versus where its going unguided by strong leadership and critical consumers.
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Total Chaos the art and aesthetics of Hip-HopImage from the classic film Style Wars a good peek into the writing culture circa 1980sClassic still from the first 'Hiphop' film WildStyleLets Get Free a Hip Hop theory of justice by Paul ButlerThe Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 DocumentarySister Citizen by Melissa Harris-PerryThe New Jim Crow by Michelle AlexanderRap and Religion: Understanding the Gangsta's God by Dr. Ebony Utley
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Happy New Year ! To one and all we wish a happy and productive 2013. Make this the year Hiphop speaks with more consciousness, the year Hiphop criticism challenges its fanboy tendencies when their favorite artists exhibits sexist behavior, make this the year we love more and do more in our art, communities, work and all of our relationships.
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