The Hiphopscholar grew out of love.  After many conversations, debates, and frustrations in regard to Hiphop culture, this site was born.

As many people continue to debate, discuss, critique, and marvel at one of the most innovative cultural creations of the 20th century it's time for those of us, who hold Hiphop dear to speak for it, about it, and take some responsibility for where we want it to go versus where its going unguided by strong leadership and critical consumers.

Our Mission here at the Hiphopscholar.org is to bring back that sense of intellectual discovery so many of us have in our collective memory of Hiphop culture by providing the following;

A forum for people to participate in the preservation of Hiphop Culture, we must  respect our own culture as more than an "entertainment” conception of Hiphop popularized by the commercial rap industry.

Insightful essays, poetry & reviews from Hiphoppas from the global community offering various critical perspectives.

A space for people to IMAGINE a broader context of HIPHOP, for both the new and seasoned HIPHOP enthusiast.  We want to promote and continue to keep the culture of the b-girl/boy, emcee, dj, and graffiti artist alive by telling, critiquing and re-membering their individual and collective history.

Another voice in the growing collective of conscious Hiphop activists worldwide who are challenging white supremacy/racism, sexism and homophobia.  
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